How To Become A Commercial Photographer

Here is a full guide on how to become a commercial photographer with the best tips and tricks. I have mentioned here 7 tips that can help you to become a full-time/part-time commercial photographer within few days. You can just take your photography to next level. Keep Calm! and Stay tuned!

If you have decided to become a commercial photographer as your career then you need to have perseverance as we say perseverance is the key to success. Remember! Being a commercial photographer is not that easier. You should have skills such as planning, developing, implementing, and debugging. Having these skills will help you to become a professional Commercial Photographer.


Find Your Own Customers

If you are very serious about your career than you have to start as a freelancer to gain some experience. As you should know how to gain more customers to your eye. This is very easy! you just need be creative and need the quality to gain attention. Remember you should be very particular about your English or any other language. Because the first impression decides, how you are? So be ready to get attention.

Be an assistant

For gaining a quite good experience becoming an assistant can prove you very helpful. As before starting your own career, you get an idea that, what exactly does it mean? You also get an idea of the equipment suitable and comfortable for you. Every genius has started from the ground. So, becoming an assistant commercial photographer is not a bad idea!

Professional Equipment


Holding your camera in one hand and a product in front of you will not work. Having a professional camera will really help you with your work and gaining more clients towards you and if an advanced camera is with you. Professional equipment really helps you with capturing perfect commercial photography. Leaving camera, you also need professional lightings.

A recommended camera should be the Canon Eos 5D Mark IV 30.4 MP Digital SLR Camera (Black) + EF 24-105mm is II USM Lens Kit.

You can also buy a combo setup (tripod, lightings, setup guide)such as the 18″ LED Video Ring Light with Mirror, 6ft Stand Tripod, Adjustable Heavy Duty Mount for DSLR, iPhone & Android Smartphones.

Create a Pro-Studio


If you have done the above two steps another tip is that to gain a regular customer and also, a permanent business address. After some months setting up a well-based studio, you can develop it more by investing in it from your work. Having a studio is a mark that you are professional and people will not hesitate while giving you worth money.

Be a Multiple Artist

You should develop many skills together. For example, you are a pro-wedding photographer but after the wedding seasons over you need work. So, for getting your work again be skilled every time. You must have professional knowledge about the camera’s lightings, and also about the setup.


Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 9.52.24 am

Building a strong portfolio is becoming easier day-by-day. It will really cost you cheap price for building a strong portfolio. Approx 100$ with domain and hosting. You can also develop an offline portfolio but it is not worth nowadays. So, you can just try WordPress or portfolio box for building it faster and easier.

Do it Now!

Don’t lose your time! You just have done this now. It’s now or never a situation with you. Lots of commercial photographer are in the line. You can get a good chance. All the links are given if you read it carefully you can get it. Don’t just start as it builds your studio and camera setup to get your first clients. You can just check out everything on Amazon or Flipkart.

Warning: It is not a game be serious with your career and your half the way there.

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