How Smart on Hold Messages Can Benefit Your Business

According to Wikipedia¬†On-hold messaging is a service used by businesses and organisations of all sizes to deliver information to their callers waiting on hold, for example; In the pest control industry, the first point of contact with potential customers is usually the telephone. And by the time people call you, they’ve probably reached their wit’s end with termites, roaches, ants, rodents or other pests. So it’s best not to “pester” them further by putting them on hold and expecting them to endure silence, or chimes, or the radio (which could be running advertisements for your competitors, by the way). Seriously, listening to an elevator version of “Achy Breaky Heart” might just drive them to hang up, give up and start naming those mice instead.

Okay, so maybe they wouldn’t go to those extremes. But they’d certainly benefit more from hearing on hold voicemail messages about your company and all that you have to offer. Think about it: they’ve already called you, so they’re already considering choosing you for their pest control needs. So, here’s your chance to convince them that your company is their best choice. With on hold messages, you can tell them about your various treatment options (many people are looking for pest control that’s friendly to the environment and their pets). You can also give them valuable tips on deterring future infestations. Plus, you can tout the benefits of your superior customer service. The marketing possibilities are nearly endless.

A woman answering a phone while sitting at her desk

Just like any other industry, the pest control business is highly competitive. And in today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to do all you can to attract customers to your company. On hold, messages are a surprisingly economical way to do that. They give your business a polished, professional image. Additionally, they show potential customers that you care about their experience with your company because they turn the negative aspect of being on hold with a chance to gain useful information.

If you’d like for your pest control company to be overrun with new customers and infested with repeat business, on hold messages are a smart choice.

The Advertising Need That, Only On-Hold Messages, Can Fill!

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Ever wonder why there are so many forms of advertising? The answer is simple: from refrigerator magnets to Super Bowl spots, every type of business ad serves its unique purpose. And on-hold messages are certainly no exception.

In today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever for businesses to consider getting the word out in a variety of creative ways. A classic example would be car dealerships. Piggy-backing off the brand awareness created by vehicle manufacturers through national-level advertising, local dealerships must then pull it all down to street level, where the real competition is, to draw in area consumers. TV and radio ads, billboards, an engaging website, along with mailers, newspaper, magazine or other forms of print ads can provide an excellent way to get customers into the showroom. But before that happens most shoppers will still pick up the phone and call.

When messages on hold came into existence, around the time the first DeLoreans began rolling off the assembly line, many car dealers were smart enough to see the powerful way that a professional sounding announcement on hold could enhance that precious, first person-to-person contact with potential buyers. They understood that, although they’re pre-recorded, professionally produced customised message on hold seem to link all other forms of advertising together in the same window of time that callers finally speak to the salesperson on the other end of the line.

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Car dealers weren’t the only ones. Hotels, airlines, restaurants, distribution companies and others were among the earliest primary purchasers of on hold messages, realizing they could reach consumers in a unique way that other modes of communication simply couldn’t. Unlike other types of advertising, custom message and music productions are “inside” the four walls of your business and tend to help callers bond with your company image, making them feel more at home and less like an outsider.

Today, as more companies in more areas of business utilise messages on hold than ever before, the appreciation for diversity in advertising and marketing avenues has also grown. So, yes, there will always be a place for print, radio and TV commercials, websites and other means of promotion; some yet to be conceived, and still others to be resurrected. After all, who would have ever dreamed that the “sandwich signs” worn in the 1920s and ’30s would return some sixty years later in the form of surfboard-shaped ads being spun around by people standing on street corners? It must work. They keep doing it.

As long as people are as multifaceted in personality and diverse in their buying habits as they always have been, savvy business owners will continue to lean toward a more comprehensive plan for reaching customers and increasing revenues. Given the exceptional role they play in that process, messages on hold are here to stay!